With the holidays approaching, Jenna knew she needed a little extra help—the food she receives ensures her family will have a traditional meal. Jenna thought her family’s Thanksgiving was going to be bittersweet.

“We’re excited because my 10-month old Ava just got her first two teeth!” she shared. But she also shared that she’d been worried that Ava wasn’t going to have much food to try her new teeth on during the holiday season.

Jenna’s hours as a waitress have been cut back and her husband’s salary isn’t enough to pay their bills every month — which doesn’t leave much for food. “Our budget is really tight,” she said. “Every month.”

With the holidays approaching, Jenna knew she needed a little extra help and reached out. At her distribution, she received the food she needed to ensure her family would have a traditional meal – just like the meals you’re providing to thousands of other Northland families like Jenna’s this holiday season.

“We probably wouldn’t be doing Thanksgiving if it weren’t for this,” she shared. “This means we get to have a nice meal as a family which we wouldn’t be able to afford otherwise. I’m proud that for Ava’s first Thanksgiving we’ll be able to really share what the holidays are all about, family.”

Thank you for your support this holiday season and throughout the new year. Your kindness is feeding thousands of families like Jenna’s and many others throughout NE Minnesota and NW Wisconsin.