There are many challenges that remain following the pandemic. As an organization who depends on the food industry, we continue to experience disruption in our nation’s food supply chain.

Food we’d typically receive through national manufacturing and local retail stores seems to be returning to a more normal supply, as consumers have reduced their purchasing and storing of product. Now that temporary programs like our Coronavirus Food Assistance Program (CFAP) have ended we are seeing a softening in our USDA food supply which will probably remain throughout the year.

Fresh produce, which makes up 28% of the food we distribute has remained in abundant supply. This is good news since its one of the most desired products by our neighbors facing food insecurity. “It’s the best source I have to provide healthy fruits and vegetables to my family,” shared the mother of three who visited our own Food Shelf Program recently.”

Your support will continue to ensure our rescue of available nationally and regionally donated food while at the same time purchasing products at deep discounts to supplement those we receive in donation. We, and our neighbors, are grateful to you for keeping our food supply intact.