You can feed our Northland neighbors in need by participating in or hosting a special event.


Host an Event

Host an event and raise funds to help feed families, children and seniors in our region.  Contact us by email or call us at (218) 336-2303 and we will help you promote and provide the tools you need to host a successful event.

In the midst of COVID-19, many of the events that normally support our hunger-relief work have been canceled.

There are many ways you can help at this important time:

Make a Donation

$30 ensures 3 meals a day for a neighbor in need.

Donate Now >>

Host a Virtual Event

Start a Facebook fundraiser or invite friends to an online hangout space to raise funds.

Donate Food

Purchase a pre-bagged bag of food at your local grocery store while shopping. Local food shelves will do the rest.

Donate Food >>