Gwen is a positive and creative 7-year-old. When she grows up she wants to be an animator. “When I draw, I feel like I can do anything,” she shares.

She lives with a health condition that requires a special diet. Since money is tight in her family, Gwen and her brother access summer meals at their nearby library when school is out. “I love whenever I can have food that is good for us. It’s important for me to have healthy food because of (my health issues), that’s why I eat lots of fruits and vegetables.”

School meals are a critical lifeline for Northland families. When school is out, these important meals are filled by summer or weekend meal programs like our BackPack Program. They ensure children like Gwen have consistent access to healthy and nutritious food.

While she’s having fun, being a kid during the summer, Gwen knows having meals makes a big difference, “I feel very helped,” she shares. “I feel like whenever I get down, someone is always there to help me back up.”