Impact Your Community

Impact Your Community

When we began our work, 35 years ago this month, it was in response to an economic recession that was crippling our nation.  Iron Range mines were closed and thousands of miners and their families needed our food assistance.

A lot has changed since those early days of providing shelf-stable food to Iron Range food shelves. Today, your support allows us to rescue and distribute fresh and nutritious food to over 180 NE Minnesota and NW Wisconsin non-profit programs.

“People are able to make food choices because we have a variety to offer,” said long-time partner Sandy Bennett of Damiano Center. “We can offer yogurt, and fresh strawberries and we don’t have to limit the tomatoes on our salads. We just wouldn’t have that without Second Harvest — they have a huge financial and nutritional impact on our work.”

Our partnership with programs in your community ensures thousands, if not millions of pounds of nationally and regionally donated food and meals, that wouldn’t otherwise be possible.

Thank you!