We created and launched our new strategic plan at a seminal moment as communities across NE Minnesota and NW Wisconsin began emerging from the pandemic.

Our last few years have highlighted that hunger is not something that happens someplace else. It happens next door and around the corner, and it affects our family, friends and communities in deep, unimaginable ways. Yet, the pandemic has also shown us that we have the capacity and care to come together to see each other through.

At the center of our strategic plan is our new mission statement, End Hunger Together. This is both our purpose and a collective call to action. It builds on the benevolence
that was exhibited throughout the pandemic and recognizes there is much work ahead of us.

This plan moves beyond pounds of food. It advances our work at building a regional hunger-relief system that affirms dignity, champions opportunity and enhances
impact. It’s about inclusion and shared responsibility – how we come together as neighbors to support neighbors.