As we kick off 2022, we’re excited to share our most comprehensive strategic plan yet. It’s about neighbors helping neighbors—where all voices are heard and valued.


Our accomplishments are a direct result of your generous support. As part of our “reporting back” we like to share stories of the lives you’ve impacted. Stories like Lindsi’s. She appreciates having easy access to food so she can spend extra time with her daughter on the days she isn’t working.

“Food is special for my family,” she shares. And has her daughter Lily shares too, “She plays with me, cooks with me, and paints with me because she doesn’t know how to draw (laughing).”

Sharing her story wasn’t easy for Lindsi. Food insecurity is just one facet of her life – she’s a mom, a retail service worker, a cook and an aspiring artist. She’s just like you and I with the same hopes, dreams and aspirations.

As we enter this new year, launching our most comprehensive strategic plan yet, we’re going to take a new approach to our work. We’re going to build safe and inclusive space for neighbors like Lindsi to share their voice, inform our work and allow us to make the best investments in their families. Work that also starts with you and your generous continued support of our work (thank you!).