Second Harvest Northern Lakes Food Bank places its priority on feeding and
stabilizing our Northland neighbors in need.

One in nine* of our Northland neighbors is food insecure meaning they don’t have access to enough food to live a healthy and active life.  Hunger is not a problem facing just those in poverty – it is also a challenge faced by our working and middle-class neighbors.  Many never imagined they would need a food shelf or meal program to feed themselves or their families.

Hunger impacts one in nine of our Northland neighbors in
NE Minnesota and NW Wisconsin

Why does hunger affect so many in our region?

It takes more than food to fight hunger.  The key to ending hunger has less to do with food and more to do with other regional obstacles:

  • Housing Costs often require more than a third of a Northland household’s income, leaving little for utilities, medical or child care, transportation – let alone food
  • Cold Weather much of our year means higher home heating and utility costs for already stretched individuals and families
  • Livable Wage Jobs can be a challenge in our region with many “working poor” families needing food assistance to fill meal gaps within their households.

Help us create hunger-free NE Minnesota and NW Wisconsin

Ending hunger means working together as a region to address those obstacles, while doing everything possible, every day, to feed our Northland neighbors in need.

Our focus is providing nutritious food to feed families, children and seniors. These meals help stabilize individuals and families. They allow children to concentrate and learn in school. They allow adults to focus in employment and education. And, they allow seniors to experience better health and quality of life.

Through compassion and action, together we can create a hunger-free Northland for families, children and seniors in our region.

There are many ways to help create a hunger-free NE Minnesota and NW Wisconsin.

You can donate money. You can volunteer. You can raise awareness.  Thank you for helping in any way you can.