Having access to nutritional food in rural and even urban communities can be difficult.  Not every community has an ample supply of retail grocery stores or charitable organizations who can help.

Our Mobile Food Pantry Program provides a solution to hunger for individuals and families in need.

Our mobile food pantries are like food shelves on wheels.  Fresh fruits and vegetables, meat, dairy, baked goods, and shelf stable items are loaded onto our refrigerated truck to transport to areas of high need and low food resources.

Once on site, pallets of nutritious food are unloaded and set up in a farmer’s market style.  Individuals and families arrive, they’re registered by volunteers, and food is placed into their vehicles.  Our truck returns to our distribution center with little to no food leftover having filled an important community need.

“My favorites are the fruits and vegetables.  I can’t always afford to buy them.  All of the food we get is great!”
Kathy, Solon Springs, WI

Each year thanks to people like you, an important meal gap is filled by more than 446,000 meals which are provided to individuals and families as part of our mobile food pantries.

Feed Hungry Families


Our Mobile Food Pantry Program provides a monthly supply of supplemental nutritious food to those who meet income qualifications or are in crisis. Click here to learn more about this program, or here for all available resources.