During the early 80s our region’s iron mining industry was hit hard by the recession.  With thousands of miners out of work and needing assistance, our food bank (formerly known as the Arrowhead Food Bank) was started in Gilbert, MN.

Operating out of a small facility with few staff and volunteers, we coordinated food from a group of compassionate Minnesota donors who wanted to feed miners and their families.  Thanks to their generosity, we ensured thousands of meals through a network of 14 Arrowhead food shelves.

In 1986, we partnered with Feeding America™ (formerly Second Harvest) and expanded our reach to serve even more people struggling with hunger in NE Minnesota and NW Wisconsin.

Today, Second Harvest Northern Lakes Food Bank (SHNLFB) ensures over 5.6 million nutritious meals annually to over 44,000 of our Northland neighbors in need