Our strategic plan was created at a seminal moment as communities across NE Minnesota and NW Wisconsin began to emerge from the pandemic. Our last few years have highlighted that hunger is not something that happens someplace else. It happens next door and around the corner — affecting our family, friends, and communities in deep and unimaginable ways. Yet, the pandemic has also shown us that we have the capacity and care to come together to see each other through.

Our Vision

Hunger-free communities where all voices are heard and valued

Our Mission

End Hunger Together in NE Minnesota and NW Wisconsin



Center the voice of our neighbors to

Affirm Dignity

Learn from and with our neighbors to understand choice and overcome stigma.

Engage neighbors to inform and set the agenda of our local food system.

Advance equitable, dignified opportunities with our neighbors.

Strengthen our regional network to

Champion Opportunity

Develop a broad and diverse coalition of partners, communities, and neighbors.

Create an inclusive, dignified, and collaborative approach to food security in partnership with all stakeholders.

Facilitate learning across the system to coordinate and build shared capacity.

Increase our organizational capacity to

Enhance Impact

Support efforts of staff and board to broaden and deepen community engagement.

Grow the people, processes, and systems needed to advance services and support delivery.

Design our facility in a way that is community informed, user-friendly, and welcoming to all.