Barbara grew up in Montana but moved to Duluth to be closer to her daughter Vanessa and her family. In her younger years, she was a teacher, and later a businesswoman. Vanessa shares that when her mother saw people struggle, unable to pay rent or other expenses, it really bothered her. It was no surprise for Vanessa to learn her mother made an estate gift to us upon her passing.

“She was always a very giving person, giving of herself to others, and donating to lots of charities,” Vanessa shares.

Barbara named us as a beneficiary of her Individual Retirement Account (IRA). This simple and common estate gift allowed her to name us, as a qualified charity, to receive the full benefit of her IRA without the burden of income taxes on her estate when the gift was distributed.

“It was a beautiful thing to see my mom give back throughout her life,” she shares. “I hope this gift will be a reminder to all of us to think about giving back.”

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